About Wuxi Yuhuite Precision Bearings Factory

Wuxi Yuhui Special Precision Bearing Factory is located in the scenic city of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Huishan Economic Development Zone, close to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway north exit, the traffic is veryconvenient.Our factory specializes in manufacturing the hole Trail $ 3-100mm metric, and various imperialbearing models. The mainly products are automotive steel cord bearings, steering line bearings, automobilegenerator bearings,stainless steel bearings, and ultra-light, thin series with F-series and 16 series bearings. Furthermore bearings also can be designed according to customer's requirements. Our factory has registeredthe trademark "VHTB".

In order to ensure the quality of “VHTB” products, we continue to invest in advancedequipments and metrology instruments....

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Founded in2009 years

Won various honors and qualifications5 +

Products Committed to research, development and production of stainless steel bearings and non-standard bearings

The factory specializes in producing various types of bearings with a diameter of 63-100mm metric and British, mainly including steel cord bearings, control line bearings, automobile generator bearings, stainless steel bearings, ultra-light and thin series, F series and 16 series bearings

R&D and production of non-standard bearings Specializing in R&D and production of stainless steel bearings and non-standard bearings
Selected raw materials
Adhere to the selection of high-quality raw materials. The product has smooth surface, low corrosivity, high and uniform hardness, and guaranteed quality
High accuracy
Vacuum degassing bearing steel processing technology, low oxygen content, high purity, can make the product speed more uniform
Long service life
Heat treatment process enhances the hardness of steel, retains toughness, and has high limit speed, which ensures an ultra-long service life and reduces the replacement cost

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High to low noise
Smooth rotation speed, low friction, low noise, high working efficiency, not easy to burn during operation
Low friction
Low starting torque, small swing, can withstand large radial load, high and low temperature resistance, and reduce product wear rate
Production customization and rapid delivery
The company has its own logistics distribution, fast delivery and one-stop service, which saves you time and effort
Precision shaft · Precision manufacturing We have professional production equipment and testing equipment

The factory has domestic professional bearing processing automation equipment, solid technical force, precise measurement and detection means, strict and effective internal on-site management, and perfect quality system.

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